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Hi, I'm New York based illustrator, painter, and art historian Isabella Kapur. I aim to tell bold stories that blend my lifelong infatuation with comics and sharp eye towards material culture. Thanks for stopping by!

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Digital Illustration, printmaking, painting, character design, paper arts, comics, color theory, book arts, art writing and scholarship


Isabella Kapur has been drawing and creating art all her life— pencils, markers, scissors, and needle and thread handed to her by a family of creatives and textile artists as soon as she could hold them. Growing up surrounded by the pattern and color of Indian textiles and deftly assembled quilts and garments, Kapur draws a singular, bold aesthetic from her dual heritage. Her influences range from comics and animation— the work of Hergé, Mœbius, and CLAMP, Studio Ghibli, The Secret of Kells, and Laika— to the designs of William Morris, the illustrations of Aubrey Beardsley, Ukiyo-e prints, mesolithic sculpture, and pulp sci-fi covers.

With a dual degree in printmaking and archaeology Kapur has made a career of understanding and writing about art from the perspective of the maker. She has provided writing and art interpretation for New York arts institutions including the Brooklyn Museum. Her art has been featured in The Chronicles of Exandria Vol. III published by Dark Horse Comics, in the Beginnings & Endings comic anthology from ipsy bipsy studios, for musician and finalist Rama Gu on NPR's Tiny Desk Contest 2020, and elsewhere.


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